1. Film music and Audio design.

Eric Scott was sound designer on the film “Mr. Petrified Forrest” (1991), and contributed a piano mix of the song “Moving up“.

The definitive early scores “Music for prophecies (Scores of films)” comprises re-recordings of early film soundtracks from 1984-1988. Streaming audio will be made available August 2002. 

2. Film work and appearances.

It would seem unusual that Eric Scott would have a filmography; without a doubt, he is not a serious actor. It may still be worthwhile to note that Eric played the following roles onscreen in films directed by Matt Reeves (The PallbearerFelicity):

Pathetic Hobo Clown*Going For Laughs (1985)
Deranged Birthday Clown*Last Laugh (1986)
Annoying Arts PatronBasket Case (1986)
Running Lunatic
(also voices) 
Mr. Petrified Forrest (1991) 
(aka “Futureshock”)

*Eric has no formal Clown Training, and has no plans of making Clownery his full-time vocation.